The Technische Universität Dresden is part of the Excellence Initiative - an alliance for excellence in research and culture. Learn more about the Excellence Initiative, the TU Dresden and its strategic local partners.

The co-operation of all DRESDEN-concept partners is aimed at the development and use of synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration.

Germany’s Excellence Strategy is entering a new round. The DRESDEN-concept partners are involved in all successful excellence clusters of the TU Dresden.

DRESDEN-concept partner TU Dresden and the Rectors‘ Conference Saxony take a joint stand against right-wing extremism

Saxon universities and higher education institutions embody cosmopolitanism, tolerance, humanity and respect for one another. These values – just like the freedom of research and teaching – are inviolable. They form the foundation for both societal cohesion as well as for cutting-edge research and teaching. We, as higher education institutions, contribute to understanding and bearing...[more]

Continual Growth in the Alliance: 28 Partners in DRESDEN-concept

It became official on 1st August 2018 – the Barkhausen Institute has become the 28th partner in the DRESDEN-concept research alliance. The institute, which was only established this year, is concerned with improving technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a vision of global infrastructure that will enable physical and virtual objects to be wirelessly connected with each other.[more]

Scientific Tram Ride

A scientific sightseeing tour has been organised by staff and directors of the DRESDEN-concept partner institutions. Hop on the DDc tram ride and get to know the Dresden science hub! Tickets can be purchased for €2.50 (from 18 July on) in the DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden (Nürnberger Str.), in the international offices of MPI PKS, MPI CBG, HZDR or via Eventbrite (from now on).[more]

DDc Tram Operational from August

The DRESDEN-concept (DDc) research alliance will be sending a specially designed tram on to Dresden's tram tracks from August 2018. The tram will be operating for one year as part of the regular scheduled service of Dresden’s public transport company (DVB). It will also be used by DDc partners for special trips. In addition to the inaugural trip for international guest researchers and DDc German...[more]

Ship Ahoy with DRESDEN-concept

400 (junior) scientists and institute directors from almost all DDc partner institutions spent four hours sailing up the River Elbe and back to Dresden on 20 June 2018. Whether you are a biologist, a mechanical engineer, a business engineer or a political scientist, it is a rare occurrence to encounter all subject areas of the university in such a confined space. High-spirited conversations,...[more]

The DRESDEN-concept alliance now boasts 27 partners

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) – Institute of Software Methods for Product Virtualization is the newest partner institution in the DRESDEN-concept research alliance. The DLR institute joins the ranks of the Helmholtz institutions within the research alliance (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases). The DLR institute, which recently opened in Dresden...[more]

Kick-off Event // 6 June 2018 // 17:00 // HTW Dresden Auditorium

This Scientific Area Network (SAN) CHANGE THROUGH DIGITALISATION will focus on the impact of digitalisation on a variety of sectors as well as the interplay between society, culture and technology. Digital transformations strongly influence shifts towards a smarter way of living, learning, working or conducting research. [more]

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