The Technische Universität Dresden is part of the Excellence Initiative - an alliance for excellence in research and culture. Learn more about the Excellence Initiative, the TU Dresden and its strategic local partners.

The co-operation of all DRESDEN-concept partners is aimed at the development and use of synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration.

Germany’s Excellence Strategy is entering a new round. The DRESDEN-concept partners are involved in all successful excellence clusters of the TU Dresden.

Ahoy, sailors! The second DRESDEN-concept Science Cruise is awaiting you

After the successful voyage of the DRESDEN-concept research alliance last year, the DDc junior scientists will once again set sail: This year's DRESDEN-concept Science Cruise will take place on Wednesday, 20 June 2018. Boarding will start at 6 pm. Half an hour later, at 6:30 pm, the ship "MS August der Starke" will depart from jetty 2. The trip will take you past the sights of Dresden: the...[more]

Lecture "Unearthed and Unveiled: New Approaches to Exhibiting the Archaeology of Mines" 24 April | Prague

Many archaeological sites, especially those situated underground or submerged are neglected due to a lack of public awareness. Awareness, however, is crucial for conservation, tourism, and economic development. Projection technologies, such as virtual reality, are useful for exhibiting these hidden sites. In the VirtualArch-Project, partners from eight countries are exploring such methods by...[more]

Lecture "The Language of Neighbours/Jazyk sousedů"

[Translate to Englisch:] The lecture cycle is devoted to the historical phenomenon of Czech-German bilingualism in the Czech lands and the current state of the German language in the Czech Republic. The presentations highlight the problem of language choice and change among Jewish writers in the 19th century, as well as the status of German as a minority language from a current and historical...[more]

Nobel laureates at TU Dresden explain micro miracles of nature

Trapped light particles, weight-losing kilograms and molecular motors touring through human bodies – these are the research topics built upon in this year’s public lecture series “Nobelpreisträger zu Gast an der TU Dresden” (Nobel laureates visiting TU Dresden) 2018. Organized by the TU Dresden School of Science, this event brings Nobel laureates to Dresden for the third year in row. On 11th and...[more]

Wrocław Rectors visited DRESDEN-concept Partners

Visiting the partner city and numerous DRESDEN-concept partners: Rectors and Vice Rectors of the University of Wrocław, Wrocław University of Economics, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Science and Wrocław Medical University visited the DRESDEN-concept partners from 4th-5th April and exchanged views on the expansion of research cooperations at both locations. During the opening of...[more]

Opening of the DDc Science Exhibition in Prague

Dresden, London, Wrocław and from 10 April in Prague! DRESDEN-concept continues to expand its international cooperation. On 10 April at 2 pm, the DDc Science Exhibition will be opened at Ovocný trh, and thus right outside the doors of Charles University. In both Czech and English, the inhabitants and visitors of Prague can get informed interactively on topics such as the Dresden scientific...[more]

Call for Applications HENRY ARNHOLD DRESDEN SUMMER SCHOOL 2018 "Identity in a Globalised World"

In its ten-day programme the Henry Arnhold Dresden Summer School 2018 seeks to explore the question of the possible positions that collecting institutions and institutions of cultural memory can adopt in the discourse surrounding identity in today's globalised world. How do they confront the challenges they face in this context? To what extent do they actively see themselves as shapers of...[more]

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