The Technische Universität Dresden is part of the Excellence Initiative - an alliance for excellence in research and culture. Learn more about the Excellence Initiative, the TU Dresden and its strategic local partners.

Dresden is a dynamic region. Researchers from all over the world come to Dresden – to live here and to work here. Learn more about research, business, culture, nature and history in Dresden.

The co-operation of all DRESDEN-concept partners is aimed at the development and use of synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration.


The city of Dresden’s Local Action Program (LAP) for democracy & tolerance and against extremism - supports civil courage workshops for Dresden-concept institutes

Financed by public funds through the Lokales Handlungsprogramms für Demokratie und Toleranz und gegen Extremismus by the city of Dresden DRESDEN-concept e.V. was able to offer and organize Violence Intervention workshops for employees oft he DRESDEN-concept Institutes. German and International employees learned how to intervene  nonviolently and how to get involved. [more]


DRESDEN-concept invites you to the exhibition opening of

"Heart & Art No.3" on 25 September 2015, at 1 pm at the Dresden Welcome Center, Zwinger-Forum Schweriner Str. 1.[more]


Welcome Center DDc

On Wednesday, 16 September 2015 there will be a workshop on „Using new media“ taking place at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden.[more]

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