Neighbours as research partners - Science Unlimited DRESDEN-concept establishes closer links to the Wrocław science landscape

The DRESDEN-concept (DDc) science exhibition continues its international tour. Today, the exhibi-tion was opened at Plac Solny (Salt Market), one of the most central squares in Wrocław. It will inform the city residents and visitors about the Dresden science landscape for the next three weeks.

The opening event on 22 September 2017 was attended by Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, Chairman of the DDc Executive Board and members of TU Dresden’s Senior Management, the Saxon State Secretary Uwe Gaul, the Lord Mayor of the State Capital Dresden Dirk Hilbert, and numerous directors of the DDc partner institutions. The Mayor of Wrocław, as well as the rectors of the five Wrocław-based universities were also in attendance (the Wrocław University, the Technical, the Medical, the Economic and the Natural Sciences Universities).

The Mayor of Wrocław, Rafal Dutkiewicz, is confident that “in addition to maintaining and developing the neighbourly relations between Poland and Germany, the intensification of academic co-operation in the fields of science and research, as well as the cultural exchange between hubs such as Wrocław and Dresden form a solid foundation and lead towards a safe, smart and prosperous Europe.”

Prior to the opening ceremony, TU Dresden’s Executive Board met with the rectors from Wrocław to discuss the expansion of the scientific co-operation between the two cities. As a first step, joint lectures by Dresden and Wrocław scientists are envisaged, with researchers from the DDc partner institutions and the five Wrocław universities participating. The lectures are aimed both at the Wrocław public and at the Polish scientific community. Sensory perceptions, superconductivity and historical gardens are just some of the lectures’ topics. The goal of these events is to extend the scientific collaboration between DRESDEN-concept and the universities of Wrocław.  

"Close networking promotes excellent research and encourages the innovations of the brightest minds who are often to be found beyond regional borders. Therefore, it is of great importance to us to connect them with each other and to expand the alliances between Dresden and the partner city of Wrocław", states Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, Rector of Technische Universität Dresden and Chairman of DRESDEN-concept.

The opening of the science exhibition is held in conjunction with the first Saxon-Polish Innovation Day. Scientists, entrepreneurs and transfer stakeholders from Poland and Saxony will hold lectures on the topic of "Electromobility" on 21 and 22 September 2017. They strive to effectively and sustainably expand the co-operation between neighbouring countries in research and development. Together, they aim to stimulate the region's growth and develop internationally competitive solutions for societal change.

“The vast array of research topics such as climate change, environmental pollution, health, migration and others are so intricate that they can only be addressed through co-operation and networks of scientific institutions. DRESDEN-concept and other university partnerships are such networks. They represent the very kind of co-operation we require to meet the complex challenges of the present day. The Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts supports Saxony's universities in intensifying existing contacts with the adjacent, neighbouring regions in Poland and in the Czech Republic, and supports the establishment of new contacts. We would like to network even more closely with Poland and the Czech Republic, so that we can continue to be part of the excellence in selected thematic areas in the European and international competition and catch up in other fields", says Saxon State Secretary for Higher Education, Research and the Arts, Uwe Gaul.

Similar to Dresden and London, the exhibition will present Dresden-based science to a broad public and shall provide information on current research results in the fields of biomedicine & bioengineering, information technology & microelectronics, materials & structures as well as culture & societal change. To this purpose, the exhibition was also translated into Polish. Following the display in Wrocław, the exhibition will initially return to Dresden, and will then be exhibited in Prague in April 2018.

The opening of the exhibition and the events are under the patronage of the German General Consulate in Wrocław, the Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts, the state capital Dresden and the city of Wrocław.


Picture by: M.Borkowicz

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