DRESDEN-concept e.V. supports the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform application to become a Euro-BioImaging Node

The Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform (BioDIP) is a multi-institutional community of core light and electron microscopy facilities on the Biopolis Dresden campus. BioDIP’s ambition to stimulate the research landscape on the Dresden Campus by offering open access to cutting-edge imaging infrastructure perfectly matches the goals of the DRESDEN-concept e.V. aiming at the development and use of synergies in research, infrastructure, and administration. This is why the BioDIP has been included into the project list of DRESDEN-concept.

All BioDIP facilities provide open access to state-of-the-art imaging technologies including instrumentation and services along with highly specialized staff and expertise. The BioDIP comprises 8 facilities in the following institutions: Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD), Biotechnology Center of the TU-Dresden (BIOTEC), Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG), Medical Theoretical Center of the Medical Faculty of the TU-Dresden (MTZ) and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases within the Helmholtz Association (DZNE). The BioDIP is supported by the German Research Council (DFG), which in 2012 awarded BioDIP a "DFG Core Facility" grant.

Supported by the DRESDEN-concept e.V. the BioDIP is now on its way to become a Europe-wide visible ‘General Access Node’ for ‘Advanced Microscopy’ within the Euro-BioImaging (EUBI) network. EUBI is a large pan-European research infrastructure project representing 26 member states and is part of the ESFRI-Road Map (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures). EUBI’s goal is to create a coordinated and harmonized European wide infrastructure of open access imaging facilities in the biological and medical field. An essential component is to ensure access to training and top-level expertise via well-trained staff and access to data management infrastructure to serve the needs of the European scientific community. In April 2013 the BioDIP together with the DRESDEN-concept e.V. has submitted a draft within this initiative for the establishment of a ‘General Access Node’ for ‘Advanced Micros­copy’ within Euro-BioImaging network including a requested funding of 16 million euro.

Via the Euro-BioImaging initiative Dresden will become highly visible on a European scale and may attract many international researchers supporting the scientific exchange on the campus. Furthermore, by accepting Euro-BioImaging users, Nodes will get exposed to new scientific questions and imaging technology applications, which will result in the boost of their own science and technology development. Moreover, Euro-BioImaging Nodes are expected to benefit from Euro-BioImaging’s close communication with national and international funding bodies in Europe e.g. by increased awareness for the needs of the imaging community and the importance of adequate funding for Euro-BioImaging Nodes. It is expected that the BioDIP will get access to funding to upgrade the capacity of its imaging facilities in terms of equipment and staff.

Specifically, DRESDEN-concept e.V.’s vision of one integrated campus with all partners sharing their resources and benefitting from the resulting synergies nicely complies with BioDIP’s approach.


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