Nobel laureates at TU Dresden explain micro miracles of nature

Trapped light particles, weight-losing kilograms and molecular motors touring through human bodies – these are the research topics built upon in this year’s public lecture series “Nobelpreisträger zu Gast an der TU Dresden” (Nobel laureates visiting TU Dresden) 2018. Organized by the TU Dresden School of Science, this event brings Nobel laureates to Dresden for the third year in row. On 11th and 18th April as well as 27th June 2018, three of the Stockholm laureates will share with us their award-winning and current research projects in the central lecture hall (Hörsaalzentrum) on 7 p.m.

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Klaus von Klitzing, Nobel laureate in Physics, will be discussing a kilogram near Paris on 11th April in his lecture: “Ein neues Kilogramm im nächsten Jahr und was das mit meinem Nobelpreis zu tun hat” (“A New Kilogram Next Year and How My Nobel Prize is Concerned with This”, lecture held in German). Are von Klitzing’s ideas and discoveries about the quantum Hall effect capable of solving the problem of the weight-losing kilogram?

Chemist Ben Feringa will explain “The Art of Building Small” on 18th April (lecture held in English). He and his team at the University of Groningen constructed the first light-driven micro-car from some few molecules in 1999.

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