Workshop "German citizenship"

The DRESDEN-concept Welcome Service offers you a Workshop to the topic "German citizenship" at Max Planck Institute for Moleculare Cell Biology and Genetics on Tuesday 6th of December at 3:00 p.m. The Head of the Immigration Office Dresden gives a talk on it.

Not only since the Brexit vote many people asked about rules on how to get German citizenship. Therefore DRESDEN-concept Welcome Service invited the Head of the Department for German citizenship of the Immigration Office Dresden to give a talk on

Tuesday, 6 December at 3:00 pm, MPI-CBG (small auditorium) 

As one of the crucial points to get German citizenship is the ability to speak German the seminar will be held in German. 
However, there will be support with some immediate translations in case people do not understand enough. 

Among other things it will provide Information about the following questions: 

- Who is eligible? 
- How long does it take to get the German citizenship? 
- What about the test? 
- What about children?
- Do I have to give up my own nationality?

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