DFG approves SFB 912 "HAEC - Highly Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing"

Good news for the TU Dresden: the newly approved Collaborative Research Centre 912 is a cornerstone for the Excellence Initiative application for the cluster "Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden."

Computers "gobble up" electricity.  Everyone knows that. The topic of energy efficiency is one of the greatest challenges in information and communications technology. The new collaborative research centre 912 "HAEC- Highly Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing" intends to take on this challenge. The DFG funding amounts to approximately 8.2 million euros over four years, so that scientists from the 16 member research groups from the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics can take a completely new approach under the direction of Professor Gerhard Fettweis.

Their vision is to research technologies that make computer systems that are significantly more energy efficient and more powerful. While hardware development is focused on reducing the energy consumption of individual components, this CRC takes a comprehensive approach, investigating the interaction between hardware and software to reduce the consumption of the entire system through highly adaptive information processing. With this research, the CRC is exploring new scientific territory, and significant momentum for the computer industry is expected to come out of it.

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