Follow Up SAN 'Dynamiken komplexer Netze'

Am 12. Februar findet das erste Follow-Up des SAN 'Dynamiken komplexer Netze' statt, wo sich teilnehmende Wissenschaftler*innen zu Arbeitsgruppen zusammenschließen und gemeinsame Projekte planen können.

SAN V: Dynamics of Complex Networks

follow-up, 12. February 2020, 9:30-15:30 h

co-host: Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterProf. Marc Timme, Dr. Malte Schröder (cfaed)

venue: Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterBarkhausen-Bau Raum BAR/I88/U 


Future-Compliant Infrastructure and Transport - Networked and Digitized?

In this first follow-up to the SAN „Dynamics of Complex Networks“, we plan to discuss future-compliant infrastructure and transport from perspectives of theory, applications and implications.

  • How do we and how should we analyze and model infrastructure and transport systems and their dynamics?
  • Can we transfer insights across scales, from individual buildings or factories to entire cities or even larger regions?
  • How can we use these insights to achieve a sustainable future on a systemic as well as social and political level?

After a brief introduction of participants we will identify topics of common interest among all participants and then dive into more detailed discussion in smaller groups.


09:30 Welcome & Introduction (Prof. Marc Timme, Dr. Malte Schröder, cfaed)

10:00 What do we do and why are we here?

10:30 Discussion: Interdisciplinary perspectives on "Future-Compliant Infrastructure and Transport" (to identify topics)

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 'Focus group' discussions (on indentified topics)

14:30 'Focus group' summary presentations

15:00 Wrap-up

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