Materials & Structures

New materials are indispensable for the development of modern, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving technologies, and are thus the basis for securing our standard of living. In addressing societal challenges such as increasing mobility, an aging society as well as global climate change, innovative materials and structures are the foundation of future-oriented solutions.

In the Scientific Area Committee 3, Materials and Structures, the DRESDEN-concept partners’ internationally renowned expertise in the fields of materials research and materials technology is pooled with the goal of developing fundamentally new material technologies and integrating these into structural components and systems. Together, the institutes are conducting excellent research in the following areas:

  • Developing and testing innovative materials and manufacturing technologies for efficient use, conversion and storage of energy
  • Functional materials and nanomaterials for microelectronics as well as
  • Functionally integrated (micro) systems   

Shining examples such as innovative lightweight materials, function-integrated composite structures, highly efficient energy storage materials, as well as the world's best OLEDs show how interdisciplinary cooperation with experts from the area of technology application makes solutions a reality – solutions that are and will remain indispensable.

Identifying new research topics and innovative material technologies, bringing them to the global forefront and applying them by drawing upon the bundled DRESDEN-concept expertise – these are the guiding principles of the SAC 3 Materials and Structures which takes on the responsibility for the unparalleled scientific hub Dresden.