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Dresden is a paramount art centre. Its history, spanning more than 800 years, was coined by architecture, music, literature, theatre and politics. A key element of cultural life in Dresden has always been and still is the fact that the citizens really get involved and are extremely committed to their city.

History alive

It is not only the numerous museums and the Saxon State Library – Dresden State and University Library (SLUB) that represent the rich cultural heritage of Dresden. The urban layout of today bears traces of the past, of wartime and peace, of destruction and a new spirit of optimism.

Present and past

Dresden also attaches great importance to contemporary art. The Hellerau European Arts Centre and Ostrale, an international festival displaying a wide spectrum of contemporary art, achieved a wide audience within a short period of time. Music-lovers from all over the world find their way to Dresden to visit and experience the many top-class festivals.

For scientists, art and culture in Dresden are more than just a nice opportunity to reflect, or offer more than just an increased quality of life. It is the interactive nexus of museums, libraries and art perspective that adds potential to many research areas and to basic answers on basic questions in a society.

In Saxony 2,6 % of the gross domestic income are spent on research and development. Get more to know!