DRESDEN-concept is an alliance of research institutions from the world of science and culture. As part of the Scientific Area Committees, networking events are beeing held for Dresden-based scientists. Learn more about DRESDEN-concept.

Due to the close geographical proximity of the partners, synergies can be utilised swiftly and more efficiently. The co-operation of all Partners is aimed at the development and use of synergies in research, education, infrastructure and administration.

Germany’s Excellence Strategy is entering a new round. The DRESDEN-concept partners are involved in all successful excellence clusters of the TU Dresden.

Digital truths? - Special Ride for DDc and Summer School Scientists

On September 26th there will be a special trip in the DRESDEN-concept Science Tram from 5 pm on, which is especially aimed at participants of the summer schools "Henry Arnhold" and "Voice Interaction and Voice Assistant in Health Care" as well as scientists of DRESDEN-concept. Passengers work in seating groups on various aspects of technology trust and scientific skepticism.[more]

Excellent minds need smart decisions - DRESDEN-concept research alliance calls on voters to participate in the upcoming elections

On 1st September, the citizens of Saxony have the democratically certified right to elect a new state parliament and thus decide on the future of the Free State of Saxony. As of today, the 28 partners of the DRESDEN-concept research alliance (DDc) are encouraging voter participation through a banner in Dresden's main railway station. "Excellent minds need smart decisions" is the slogan on the...[more]

CASUS Research Center opened in Görlitz

The new research centre CASUS - Center for Advanced Systems Understanding in Görlitz was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of Federal Minister Anja Karliczek and Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. The new institute is dedicated to the research of complex systems that can be found in almost all scientific areas. Three DRESDEN-concept partners, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR),...[more]

Tram Special Ride: Cancer, Alzheimer's and other serious diseases- science in search of solutions

The DDc Science Tram takes off at 5:00 pm on the 16th of September at Straßburger Platz (stop of Tram 10 in direction "Messe")! If you want to join us, you should get a free ticket at www.medizintram.eventbrite.de![more]

Program of the Scientific Area Network "Dynamics of Complex Networks" is online!

"Energy Networks", "“Be this fish!“ A New Perspective on Creation Theology", "Functional Analysis of Urban Drainage Networks" - if those titles don't make you up for more?! 18 presentations á 5 minutes each will be presented during the SAN under the topics Networks in Economics and Mathematics, in Social and Cultural Sciences, in Environmental and Energy Sciences and in Life Sciences and will...[more]

First branch office of the German Cancer Research Center in Dresden

The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), under the support of the Free State of Saxony, is planning to significantly strengthen cancer research in Dresden. The first DKFZ branch office in Germany will work on future technologies that use smart sensors and artificial intelligence to improve the prevention and treatment of cancer. For this purpose, a separate building will be erected on the...[more]

SAN "Dynamics of Complex Networks"

The next SAN Kick-off event akes place on 20th August 2019 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm followed by an opportunity to network at Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Marta-Fraenkel Hall, Lingnerplatz 1. The Scientific Area Network aims to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to the “dynamics of complex networks“, adopting a scientific or even a comparative view of natural, technical and social systems. In...[more]

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