DRESDEN-concept is an alliance of research institutions from the world of science and culture. As part of the Scientific Area Committees, networking events are beeing held for Dresden-based scientists. Learn more about DRESDEN-concept.

Due to the close geographical proximity of the partners, synergies can be utilised swiftly and more efficiently. The co-operation of all Partners is aimed at the development and use of synergies in research, education, infrastructure and administration.

Germany’s Excellence Strategy is entering a new round. The DRESDEN-concept partners are involved in all successful excellence clusters of the TU Dresden.

Introducing DRESDEN-concept

The DRESDEN-concept team is going to visit its member institutes to meet employees and researchers at the place they daily attend: the cafeterias. All personnel is welcome to ask questions about the unique research alliance and its services.[more]

A new force awakens Newly discovered physical force contributes to proper development of the red flour beetle

Studying the red flour beetle, researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG), the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden (BIOTEC), and the Cluster of Excellence “Physics of Life” (PoL) recently discovered that the living tissue attaches firmly to the shell that surrounds the embryo. This attachment generates additional external forces that are required...[more]

‘Time Machine’ heralds new era

[Translate to Englisch:] Für das Time Machine-Projekt entwickeln Forscher neuartige KI-Technologien, um große Informationsmengen aus komplexen historischen Datensätzen verwerten zu können.

A few days ago, the European Commission selected the Europe-wide Time Machine project as one of the six proposals to be strategically developed in the coming decade. It is already being propelled by more than 200 partners. These six proposals will be funded with an initial amount of 1 million Euro to prepare detailed roadmaps for large-scale research initiatives. Time Machine foresees to design...[more]

Welcome Reception 2019

[Translate to Englisch:] Gastwissenschaftler, internationale Wissenschaftler, DRESDEN-concept, Welcome Center

The DRESDEN-concept members, together with the City of Dresden, would like to welcome international incoming scientists and get to know them. [more]

FameLab 2019 in the Technical Collections Dresden 6th March 2019, 7 - 10 pm

Under the slogan “Talking Science”, the Dresden Technical Collections invite you to the regional heat of FameLab – THE biggest global science communication competition in the world. It’s all about “get out of the lab and on to stage”.[more]

Science Café on Dresden rails

Sven Dörimg

The DRESDEN-concept Science Tram was on its way through Dresden on 29 January. Six experts from the MPI-CBG, the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (MPI-CPfS), the TU Dresden (TUD) and the Dresden State Art Collection (SKD) discussed various aspects of the universe with the guests at the Science Café. [more]

Mini-detectors for the Gigantic? Bose-Einstein condensates are currently not able to detect gravitational waves

The gravitational waves created by black holes or neutron stars in the depths of space indeed reach Earth. Their effects, however, are so small that they could only be observed so far using kilometer-long measurement facilities. Physicists therefore are discussing whether ultracold and miniscule Bose-Einstein condensates with their ordered quantum properties could also detect these waves. Prof....[more]

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