DRESDEN-concept-members take part in Culture Festival in Containers DRESDEN: OPEN TO THE WORLD

Dresden’s cultural and scientific institutions initiated a spontaneous culture festival promoting Dresden as an open-minded city, in which people of various cultures and religions live together. The festival will take place in the old quarter of Dresden from February 12 through 23 and is open for everybody.[more]


Discussions about how to live in Dresden in times of PEGIDA.

DRESDEN-concept invites international staff members and guests of the Dresden-concept Institutes to the following talk and discussion:[more]


For an open-minded and tolerant city

The association “Dresden Place to be e.V.“ together with several other organizations is going to organize an event on Monday,  January 26th 2015 at Neumarkt. Musicians, artists and other public characters will present Dresden, as a colorful and vibrant city with enormous potential for the future. DRESDEN-concept supports the initiative as a clear signal against fear mongering and populism...[more]


Welcome@dresden-concept: Workshop „Flat hunting for international researchers“

On Tuesday, 27 January 2015 there will be a workshop on “Flat hunting for foreign researcher”. [more]


TU Dresden invites you to MOOC@TU9 – “Discover Excellence in Engineering and the Natural Sciences”!

MOOC@TU9 is a joint project of the alliance of leading Institutes of Technology in Germany (TU9). [more]



On Tuesday, 25 November at 3 pm there will be an English-speaking Seminar on questions of legal residence status for international researchers.  The speaker Mr. Hache, Head of Division, Foreigners Authority Dresden will give an overview about relevant topics such as types of residence permits and options to stay in Dresden or Germany after the research stay ends. The seminar takes place at...[more]


Welcome@DRESDEN-concept: Best practice meeting

Lecturers: Prof. Vogelbusch, S.Fiebig, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft[more]

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