Excellent minds need smart decisions - DRESDEN-concept research alliance calls on voters to participate in the upcoming elections

On 1st September, the citizens of Saxony have the democratically certified right to elect a new state parliament and thus decide on the future of the Free State of Saxony. As of today, the 28 partners of the DRESDEN-concept research alliance (DDc) are encouraging voter participation through a banner in Dresden's main railway station. "Excellent minds need smart decisions" is the slogan on the banner, which is associated with the hashtags "gehtwaehlen" (GoVote) and "ExzellenzstadtDresden" (DresdenCi-tyOfExcellence). The DRESDEN-concept partner institutions have seconded the statement of the Sena-te, Rectorate, Personnel Representation Council and Student Council of TU Dresden of 12th June 2019 on the upcoming state elections, and the banner clearly displays this message.

With a view to the upcoming state elections, DRESDEN-concept encourages all voters to familiarise themselves with the election programmes of the individual political parties in order to prevent the restriction of freedom of opinion, science, art and the media. Democracy and the rule of law must not be endangered.

Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, DDc Chairman of the Board and Rector of TU Dresden, affirms: " Your smart decision in the state elections on Sunday will ensure that Dresden as a science location remains attractive for students and researchers from Germany and world. In the upcoming years, the shortage of skilled workers will become even more pronounced everywhere, both in Saxony and in Germany. In order to counteract this shortage, we need a qualified workforce, which we can only attract through excellent training and immigration. In order for students and scientists to choose Saxony as their future place of residence, the image we present to the outside world is particularly important. Therefore, a cosmopolitan government that supports culture and science is essential. So go and vote - to make sure these values are upheld and Saxony's sustainability is safeguarded."

On numerous occasions in recent years, the DRESDEN-concept partners have expressly spoken out and stood up for cosmopolitanism, tolerance, humanity and respect. These fundamental values of coexistence in a democratic society are at the same time an indispensable basis for excellence in research and teaching. The DRESDEN-concept partners offer people from all over the world a home, and welcome international students and scientists to the Dresden research hub: regardless of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, or how they choose to live their lives. The freedom of science, art and culture is a prerequisite for the sustainable and peaceful development of our society.



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