Introducing DRESDEN-concept

The DRESDEN-concept team is going to visit its member institutes to meet employees and researchers at the place they daily attend: the cafeterias. All personnel is welcome to ask questions about the unique research alliance and its services.

DRESDEN-concept is a research alliance that is well-known outside of Dresden. The DRESDEN-concept team now wishes to inform the employees of its members more about its work and services. To do so, they are starting their tour in May to HZDR, Leibniz IFW and IPF, UKD and more.

The team is going to hand out DRESDEN-concept napkins and is answering questions about structure and aim of DRESDEN-concept, and the services inside the alliance.

Tour dates (to be continued)

May 7 Caruso

May 8 Leibniz IFW

May 9 Landesamt für Archäologie

May 13 MPI CPfS

May 20 HZDR

May 24 MPI CBG


May 27 Leibniz IPF



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