Together for internationality, humanity and tolerant coexistence - Dresden 20.10.

On Sunday, 20th October, the initiative "Herz statt Hetze" (heart, not hatred) together with the city's senior administration and numerous other initiatives, is calling on all citizens of Dresden to come to the city centre and show that Dresden is not a place for heinous slogans, thoughts and actions. The Lord Mayor, Dirk Hilbert, will speak on the stage at the Kulturpalast at 2 pm.

The Rector of TU Dresden, Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, is supporting this event and sees it as an important occasion for TUD members to stand up for such values as internationality, humanity and tolerant coexistence: "Human dignity is inviolable. This constitutional principle must not only appear in writing, but must guide our actions and way of life. Each and every one of us is called upon to take a more consistent stand against racist or otherwise discriminatory ideas than ever before. Therefore, on Sunday, October 20th 2019, I will be at the meeting area of "Herz statt Hetze" at Wilsdruffer Straße near the Kulturpalast at 2 pm. [...]"


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