Science Café on Dresden rails

The DRESDEN-concept Science Tram was on its way through Dresden on 29 January. Six experts from the MPI-CBG, the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (MPI-CPfS), the TU Dresden (TUD) and the Dresden State Art Collection (SKD) discussed various aspects of the universe with the guests at the Science Café.

Sven Dörimg

The universe, infinite in time and space: Our experts explained phenomena mimicking phenomenon on Earth which were previously thought to only occur at the time when the universe was born, they discussed the universe inside us, at a very small scale, or which rocket engines we need to build a spaceship Enterprise. Another topics was astrophysics, neutrinos, or a lunar village. Dr. Michael Korey from SKD was even able to explain the universe in nine minutes! Other experts were Johannes Aurich (TUD), Dr. Gaia Pigino (MPI-CBG), Peter Swekis (MPI-CPfS), Prof. Martin Tajmar (TUD), and Steffen Turkat (TUD).

The Science Café is a casual, informal event on science & society-related topics. There is no panel, rather experts sit down with the guests and discuss views, ideas, and questions. People can have one-on-one discussions, and experts get a chance to hear what people are actually concerned about. 

It was a great evening. A big thanks to all experts, guests, and out tram driver!

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