Why the TU Dresden is active within the Excellence Initiative of the Federal and State Governments?  

The TU Dresden has to compete for students, for the best people in research, teaching, and administration, for funds and for partnerships – all this more and more on an international level. This competition will increase in the next years. Elite universities will definitely have a number of advantages in this competition because they have proven to be really attractive. The TU Dresden believes in its ability to act and grow as an elite university that builds on its distinctive competencies and its diversity, that benefits from the rich scientific and cultural environment in the Dresden region, and that adds value to research landscape in the Free State of Saxony.


Why will students, professors, or other staff members of TU Dresden benefit if the university succeeds in the Excellence Initiative? 

Because this will mean better conditions in general and for their personal careers. It will guarantee better conditions in research, teaching, and studying, it will improve the situation of graduates, it will promote and develop advanced training opportunities, cultural activities and co-operative projects, equal opportunities, and a family-friendly atmosphere. The Excellence Initiative does not only promote top sience and the elite junior scientists; it raises all standards to gold standard. This is why we want to be able to compete in all three funding lines of the second program phase – Graduate Schools, Excellence Clusters, and Institutional Strategies.

What is the role of the DRESDEN-concept regarding the “excellence activities” of the TU Dresden?  

DRESDEN-concept is a key element of TU Dresden’s excellence initiative success. DRESDEN-concept is a research und culture alliance that is unique in Germany and a unique feature of the Dresden region. It is an alliance of the TUD together with the partnership of 22 science institutions: Fraunhofer, Helmholtz, Leibniz, Max Planck Institutes, and renowned museums and libraries. Dresden is a dynamic and attractive research site. DRESDEN-concept is not about the co-existence of institutions, it is about a true co-operation of its members.

Why are non-university partners committed getting involved in TU Dresden’s Excellence Initiative activities?  

Excellence attracts the excellent. The entire Dresden region will benefit from a top-level university that was awarded the elite university title. Since the TU Dresden with its very diverse research activities and its wide range of courses of study has joined the ivy league, it is even more able to attract top people on all levels. Moreover, TU Dresden provides a pool of excellent graduates for other research institutions and industries in the region. The planned one-campus model with shared resources and the intended cross-links in all teaching activities have great potential for all partners. DRESDEN-concept is generating new synergies, and all DRESDEN-concept partners will benefit from these synergies.

Is DRESDEN-concept’s aim to merge the university and the non-university partners? 

Not at all. The idea of the DRESDEN-concept is to form an alliance, not to merge its members. Each member will remain independent, will develop on an individual basis. Each member will contribute their strengths and opportunities to the alliance.

What factors have driven the excellence status of the TU Dresden? Were there any universities that had been successful in the first program phase and acted thus a role model?  

There has been no role model as such, because universities are very different and thus have to find an individual strategy. Many different aspects can become a stimulus for creativity and an incentive for something innovative and unique. The development and dynamics of the TU Dresden during the past 25 years are unrivaled by any university in Germany. The key elements of TU Dresden’s excellence initiative application built on this development, and they have also become the key elements of the DRESDEN-concept.