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Press releases

Better diagnosis with 3D model of human liver tissue

Dresden researchers create geometrical and functional liver model for improved diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Excellent minds need smart decisions - DRESDEN-concept research alliance calls on voters to participate in the upcoming elections

On 1st September, the citizens of Saxony have the democratically certified right to elect a new state parliament and thus decide on the future of the Free State of Saxony. As of today, the 28 partners of the DRESDEN-concept research alliance (DDc) are encouraging voter participation through a banner in Dresden's main railway station. "Excellent minds need smart decisions" is the slogan on the...



Nobel Laureates at TU Dresden

Four Nobel Laureates will give a public talk at TU Dresden in the summer term 2016. In April, the School of Science launches its interdisciplinary lecture series “Nobel Laureates at TU Dresden”. The Nobel Laureates from the fields of physiology or medicine, chemistry and physics will talk about their pioneering research that is, according to Alfred Nobel, “for the greatest benefit to mankind”.


Gut bacteria drive growth of stem cells in colon cancer

Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Zeißig, group leader of the DFG Research center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRDT) - Cluster of Excellence at the TU Dresden and physician at the Department of Medicine I, Dresden Hospital Carl Gustav Carus has now shown a decisive role of gut bacteria in the regulation of intestinal stem cells and the development of colon cancer.



Identification of a key molecule for the initiation of regeneration in axolotl

The research team of Prof. Elly Tanaka at the DFG Research Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD) - Cluster of Excellence at the TU Dresden achieved a breakthrough in the elucidation of important regulatory processes in the restoration of the axolotl’s limbs. The publication of these results in Nature, one of the world’s leading scientific journals once again proves the efficiency of...


Announcement: Dresden Nexus Conference from 17 to 19 May 2017

The United Nations University (UNU‐FLORES), TU Dresden and IOER will host the second biennial Dresden Nexus Conference (DNC) on a Nexus Approach to managing environmental resources for sustainable development in the Deutsches Hygiene‐Museum Dresden.


World’s First Parallel Computer Based on Biomolecular Motors

A study reports the realization of a parallel computer based on designed nanofabricated channels explored in a massively parallel fashion by protein filaments propelled by molecular motors.


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