The Language of Neighbours

23 April 17:00

Institute of Translation Studies,
Hybernská 3,Prague 1, Room 206

The lecture cycle is devoted to the historical phenomenon of Czech-German bilingualism in the Czech lands and the current situation of the German language in the Czech Republic.

The presentations highlight the problem of language choice and change among Jewish writers in the 19th century, as well as the status of German as a minority language in the current and historical perspective. In addition, a study on the role of German as a mediating language in the translation of Czech literature into Spanish will be presented.

The Institute of Translation Studies at Charles University is the most important and oldest Czech institution of its kind.

Referenten: Dr. Astrid Winter (TU Dresden), Dr. Tomáš Svoboda (Charles University), Dr. Petra Mracková Vavroušová (Charles University)

Unearthed and Unveiled: New Approaches to Exhibiting the Archaeology of Mines


Many archaeological sites, especially those situated underground or submerged are neglected due to a lack of public awareness. Awareness, however, is crucial for conservation, tourism, and economic development. Projection technologies, such as virtual reality, are useful for exhibiting these hidden sites. In the VirtualArch-Project, partners from eight countries are exploring such methods by investigating European sites facing similar challenges. These include UNESCO pile dwellings, settlements, ancient harbours, castles, and mines.In the ArchaeoMontan-Project Czech and Saxon archaeologists are exploring the Ore Mountain region – one of the most important medieval mining areas in Europe – in order to gain insights into their respective national histories, including ground-breaking mining technologies.The lecture will be held in both Czech and German.

Speakers: Dr. Christiane Hemker (Landesamt für Archäologie) und Jan Marík (Akademie der Wissenschaften, Bereich Archäologie)