Welcome Reception for International Researchers

First DRESDEN-concept Welcome Reception for International Researchers 2018

The first DRESDEN-concept Welcome Reception for Interantional incoming Researchers took place on 11 January 2018. International scientists who started working at one of DDc members, were invited. Prof. Hans-Müller Steinhagen, Head of the research alliance, Prof. Marion Ackermann, head director of Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD), Dirk Hilber, Mayor of Dresden, and Alberto Doerr, director of Santander, held welcome addresses in the great atrium of SKD’s Albertinum.

Scientists from every Scientific Area Committee presented tips for incomings and talked about working in Germany. Musically, the evening was framed by Agustin Quartet with pieces by Mozart, Borodin and Händel.

The Welcome Reception for International Researchers was organised by DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center @ TU Dresden and the international offices of DDc members with help from the City of Dresden as well as SKD. The organisers are grateful for the generous support of Santander universities.

Visitor's address

Nürnberger Str. 31a
01187 Dresden
Tram stop "Südvorstadt"