A DRESDEN-concept designed Tram for Dresden

The DRESDEN-concept research alliance is now even more visible in Dresden. From August 2018, a DRESDEN-concept branded DVB tram transports residents and visitors through the state capital Dresden and familiarise them with the unique research alliance.

A scientific sightseeing tour has been organised by staff and directors of the DRESDEN-concept partner  institutions on 26 September 2018. 90 passengers were given an overview of the scientific landscape by rectors, directors and employees of the DRESDEN-concept partners. The speakers drew passengers’ attention to the science institutes as they were driving by. They outlined the number of employees, the research focuses or cooperative projects, thus giving guests an insight into Dresden's multifaceted scientific hub.

Afterwards, the participating international guest scientists and TUD alumni enjoyed snacks and drinks while networking at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems.

For pictures see our German page.